SEO Services

Our SEO specialists focus on increasing your website traffic using their in-depth knowledge of the latest SEO techniques, while keeping on top of the ever-changing algorithms. When customers search for your products or services online, you need to appear on the first search page. We’ve helped hundreds of websites rank on the first page of Google and continue to update our strategies to keep them there. Let us get your company to the top spot and outrank your competitors.

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Powerful Backlinks

A large part of your ranking success is a result of a high-quality backlink profile. We have developed a world-class link building process that is unmatched in the industry. Our SEO experts will develop your link profile naturally and over time and you’ll see your rankings soar.

Website Optimisation

Our technical SEO team will carry out a detailed audit of your website and identify the key areas that need to be improved. We know the key elements to focus on that will result in performance benefits to your website and rankings.  We optimise your website to increase leads and traffic, ensuring your pages load quickly and are user-friendly. Let us super-charge your website’s performance with our onsite SEO package. 

Magazine Quality Content

When it comes to copywriting, Profitable Sites offers much more than your average agency. Our in-house copywriters learn your products and services inside and out, using this knowledge to create well-written, engaging editorial content, naturally promoting your business, making it easily discoverable in organic searches.

  • Creating inspiring, quality content and natural links  
  • Incorporating leading keywords and clear calls to action 
  • Published with our extensive network of quality online publishers, blogs and websites
  • Ultimately, driving quality traffic to your website

Let our creative minds generate the perfect opportunities to promote your brand and increase organic traffic to your website.

SEO Reporting Dashboard

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Using our easy to navigate, client reporting system, you can check your campaigns progress 24/7. We understand that SEO is never finished and constantly evolve your campaigns for maximum results.


Profitable Sites took over our Google Ads and SEO, which has increased our sales and improved our return on advertising spend.

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Ecommerce Manager

As a relatively new brand we needed an agency that would work closely with us to help us hit our ROAS targets and scale the business. David and the team have done exactly that. We’re top of Google and the business has achieved exceptional growth.

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Sarah Fielding

Marketing Director
Flawless Moissanite

Not only are our Google rankings and online sales steadily increasing, but with Profitable Sites managing our PPC campaigns, we’re actually paying less per conversion than before.

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Ecommerce Manager
Ever Wallpaper

Profitable Sites took over our Google Ads and SEO, which has increased our sales and improved our return on advertising spend.

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Ecommerce Manager

Since Profitable Sites took our Google Ads campaigns we’ve seen an increase in leads and sales. Essentially we now get more sales for less money so it’s a win win.

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Michaela Chandler


Profitable Sites delivered on the digital marketing plan, making our first summer online a huge success.

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Patrick Bridge

Retail Manager
Maze Living