Online Jewellery Retailer Sees Record Growth With Integrated PPC and SEO Campaign

infinity diamond jewellery banner


Infinity Diamond Jewellery are an online jeweller which supplies quality moissanite, simulated diamond and coloured gemstone jewellery. They’re based in the UK and sell directly to customers through their website, specialising in the latest bridal fashion and affordable ranges.

Because much of their offering is wedding jewellery, it’s a super-competitive market and this small brand needed to stand out from the crowd. It also needed a hand from an experienced paid ads partner to push it to start hitting the coveted top spots in Google searches.

They focus on offering affordable and sustainable quality pieces to their customers. All their stones are created in a controlled environment, with no mining involved, which means they’re not harmful to the earth and avoid any issues with conflict trade. The company also uses recycled gold, so they’re the perfect choice for those looking for a greener option. This combined with their wide price range, we believe, sets them apart from many other jewellery retailers.

The Brief

Infinity Diamond Jewellery had an online presence, but sales had plateaued and they needed some assistance taking the brand up a notch.  Organic traffic was low and presence for their core keywords was non-existent. Return on advertising spend from online advertising needed to be improved.

Our Strategy

We developed an integrated SEO and PPC campaign to drive more traffic and sales to core product categories.

New Google Ads campaigns were developed to target core categories and branded terms were split out into a new campaign. New Google Shopping features were introduced and cost savings gained by introducing a new comparison shopping service provided for their product listings.


Google Ads sales increased month-on-month over the first 12 months whilst hitting return on advertising spend targets provided by the client.

At the start of the SEO campaign all core keywords were outside of the top 100 results. Over the course of 12 months core keywords improved over 2000 positions to rank on the first page of 

SEO campaign drove a 10 times increase in organic revenue and a 800% return on investment over 12 months.

“We’ve been working with Profitable Sites for 18 months now and we’ve seen a significant increase in website traffic and sales. They’re delivering on the goals we had set so we see this as a continuing partnership as the business is grown faster than we’d hoped.”

Sonia Corr, Sales & Marketing Manager, Infinity Diamond Jewellery