Valentine’s Day Marketing Trends 2023

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Specific dates in the media calendar will be significant to your business and the next big one for many, rapidly approaching, is Valentine’s Day. Now’s the time to make sure your online platform is perfectly placed to capitalise on the day of love.

Instead of simply shopping in-store, an increasing number of consumers start researching Valentine’s gifts online several weeks before the big day. And with many feeling the pinch of the cost-of-living crisis, research shows this number is rising, as people need to be increasingly budget savvy. Increasing numbers are looking for the best deal, hunting for the best prices online.

“The cost of living crisis is having a significant impact on Valentine’s Day purchases”

Many online retailers experienced significant changes in shopping behaviours since the Covid pandemic. Although shoppers have somewhat returned to in-store shopping, online stores are still benefiting from the shift. Google research reveals 63% more, will search online before buying, in comparison to pre-Covid data.

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Considered Purchases

With every penny counting more than ever, people put competitive pricing and positive online reviews as the biggest influences on their purchases. In-depth research predicts a possible 16% increase of online Valentine’s Day shoppers for 2023, so now’s the time to get your products or service in front of your customers.

“Competitive prices and positive reviews will become the most important factor of buying in 2023”

Make your campaigns as easy as possible to see and buy from – with clear, strong imagery and simple, engaging text. The easier you can make it, the better. And offering a range of price options will ensure you have the best chance of capturing as many shoppers as possible.

Popular search terms

  • +64% year-on year increase in searches for ‘deals’ Valentine’s gifts
  • +28% year-on year increase in searches for ‘offers’ Valentine’s gifts
  • 30K volume in searches for ‘cheap’ Valentine’s gifts

Points to take away

  • People research ideas online earlier – launch your campaign now!
  • Searches for the term ‘Valentine’s Day’ have increased +89% 
  • deals’, ‘offers’ and ‘cheap’ are increasingly common searches 
  • Add reviews – one of the biggest factors influencing shoppers
  • Use a ‘full funnel search’ to capture maximum audience
  • Build connections with your customers – gather customer reviews

*Stats sourced from: Google Survey, Oct 2021. Sample of 1,000 users aged 18+