Update on Similar Audiences in Google Ads

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What’s Changing?

Google will transition Similar Audiences to durable solutions and as part of this transition, it will fully remove Similar Audience segments from Google Ads and Display & Video 360 on 1st August 2023 – so now’s the time to get prepared. It’s good to note, you will still have access to historical reporting for Similar Audience segments from your previous campaigns.

If you are currently using Similar Audiences on Display, Discovery or Video campaigns and have not yet opted into optimised targeting or audience expansion, you need to opt into these ad groups or campaigns into these solutions. By doing so, you can reach relevant and expanded audiences more effectively.

Google Business Profile

Remember, your Google Business Profile listing is often the first thing people see when they find you online, so ensuring it’s maintained regularly is crucial. Be sure to upload several high-quality photos and videos to optimise your visibility in both Google Search and advertisements.