Seasonal Shopping Starts Now. Get Ready For The Holiday Rush.

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Accelerate your business growth over the festive period

“48% of shoppers are open to buying from new retailers during the festive season, and in the 2018 festive season 30% of them actually did.”

Every day hundreds of millions of users enter shopping-related queries on Google and with festive shoppers already filling their baskets and checking off their lists you need to start planning your campaigns today.

“Searches for ‘gifts for’ and ‘gifts from’ start increasing in the final week of October”

  • UK online sales grew by 14% YoY in 2018
  • 55% of holiday season shopping time was spent online in the UK
  • 32% of peak shoppers shopped more online this year than previous year
  • 58% of UK online purchases were made via mobile
  • 54% of UK customers shopped via a mobile app

Black Friday and beyond: Important dates

Whilst Black Friday is important shoppers keep going until December so plan accordingly. Check out the calendar showing the key online sales days from 2018 to help you plan for this years’ peak shopping times.

“67% of festive shoppers confess that they still have shopping to do heading into the last week of Christmas”

highlight your deals or promotions related to past purchases

“47% of UK shoppers says receiving deals or promotions related to past purchases would improve their experience with retailers.”

Use video to inspire, educate and convert shoppers

“More than 90% of shoppers say they’ve discovered brands via YouTube. More than 40% of global shoppers say they have purchased products they discovered on YouTube.”

Upload videos of product demos and seasonal gift recommendations to engage shoppers. Promote your brand or products using TrueView for action to drive customers to your landing page and encourage them to make a purchase.

Trueview for action campaigns

TrueView for action campaigns helps drive conversions by adding call to action, headline text overlays, and an end screen to your video ads. By using this type of video campaign you can encourage customers to explore your products and capture leads and other actions valuable to your business.

Key points

  • Leads or Website Traffic goals
  • Use the in-stream ad format. The ads play before, during or after another video on YouTube and give viewers the option to skip the ad after five seconds.
  • Videos should be at least 10 seconds or longer
  • Use creative headlines to promote your products or service
  • Call To Actions (CTAs) appear alongside your headline and direct people to your desired landing page
  • End screens are automatically generated based on your YouTube channel and and display for five seconds on mobile devices and seven seconds on desktops.

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Find new customers using audience lists

You can find and target new customers based on their interests and habits and what they’re actively researching online by using audience lists across Search, Display, Shopping and Video Campaigns. Also consider using similar audiences to target users who share characteristics with people in your existing remarketing lists.