Improve your Local Ads with Merchant Photos

photo of a town in utah

We all know that using strong imagery in your adverts is a super-effective way to capture your target audience. Adding images to your ads, not only informs, but also engages your desired customers on a visual level. This also applies to your Google Business Profile page. 

Your Google Ads account may use ‘location assets’ (previously location extensions) to connect your Google Business Profile (previously Google My Business.) If so, the good news is, the merchant photos you’ve already uploaded – or plan to upload to your Google Business Profile – can now be used in your local ads automatically. You don’t need to do anything.

However, if you’d prefer not to have Google Ads utilise merchant photos in your local ad formats for your ad campaigns, you have the option to opt out.

Google Business Profile

Remember, your Google Business Profile listing is often the first thing people see when they find you online, so ensuring it’s maintained regularly is crucial. Be sure to upload several high-quality photos and videos to optimise your visibility in both Google Search and advertisements.