Google Ads Updates Announced at Google Marketing Live 2023

exterior of the google offices

If you use Google Ads for your business, read all about the exciting new insights into marketing strategies and product innovations!

Google Marketing Live 2023 has taken place in Dublin and the changes being introduced summer 2023 will impact everyone who uses Google products. 

The event was used to introduce an exciting new era of AI-powered ads. Google’s already 7 years into their AI journey, with so many of the Google Ads tools we use regularly already utilising this tech, but Google recognises there’s still huge opportunities to explore. There’s rapid development in AI tech as they develop it to further improve and simplify many aspects of our lives

There’s no doubt the development of AI has been one of the most significant technological advances in the last 15 years and Google continually looks for ways to develop AI make our lives easier. These new services are designed to ‘multiply your marketing’. 

“AI is already driving growth for businesses”

AI’s already driving growth for businesses, with features including Smart Bidding and Performance Max and they’re seeing how far it can go, exploring new ways to allow businesses to stay ahead of the competition and even predict future changes.

Google Ads advancements

One of the biggest announcements made was the ability to automate the generation of new creative assets in Search and Performance Max Campaigns. It gives the user the ability to create a wide range of branded, creative assets, with just a few clicks, which will save both time and money. 

When creating Google Ads, you’ll be familiar with the text suggestions given you. This will continue, but has been refined so your results are improved and you will get real-time collaboration with Google AI. The more information you input, the more keywords, headlines and descriptions it will generate. 

It will guide you through the best keywords and assets to reach your specific goals. As soon as you add your URL, it will start creating a description of your business. The good news is, it is still fully editable. Where it would previously pull images from the URL you supply, it now also includes relevant stock images. The more details you add, the more accurate the suggestions it feeds back, improving your ad strength as it goes.

close up of a google search

Intelligent suggestions

Changes are designed to help you get the most out of your Search campaigns and AI will continue to feature heavily when it comes to Performance Max too. It will be able to generate new assets and images that align with your brand. New advancements allow you to describe the creative visual that you want and it will create unique new images, just for you. You direct, refine, then preview your ad, until it meets your vision.

You can view the ongoing insights into how your ads are performing and will also be offered new suggestions. This all works to help you connect the right ads to the right customers.

The mix of the users expertise and the new technology should develop better campaigns with better results. 

In conclusion, AI is continuing to transform the marketing industry and if you’re unsure about when to get involved, we suggest now’s the time to jump onboard!