Current Marketing Trends

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Here we share 3 super-important trends you should think about when planning your marketing strategies for 2023 and beyond.

1. Value and re-evaluated

Customers are increasingly searching online for good value and taking longer to make purchases – and value doesn’t just mean the price.  

Economic uncertainty has made people cautious about how they spend their money. Google research shows customers are re-evaluating purchasing and looking for good value in several ways. This not only covers price, but also brand trustworthiness using online reviews, product popularity and sustainability.

Customers are relying heavily on honest, peer reviews of products and services before making purchases.

We can see the cost-of-living-crisis is impacting many, as searches for: ‘Supply chain crisis’, ‘Why are gas prices so high’, ‘How to save energy at home’ have soared. Customers are relying heavily on honest, peer reviews of products and services before making purchases. 

We recommend marketing strategies for 2023 and beyond, consider offering customers value, on these terms. Place trustworthy reviews, budget friendly options and sustainability at the forefront of what you do to attract new customers and encourage loyalty from your existing clients, by fulfilling what they’re looking for.

2. Aid and allyship

There’s strong signs that people are being kinder to themselves and their communities. Events of the last few years have shaped a more compassionate and caring society. People are increasingly thinking about their neighbours more than before. ‘Places to volunteer’ searches have risen by 60% in the UK and more people are searching for ways to help with crises worldwide. This is evidence that more people are joining together to help those in need. 

There’s been a 25% increase in searches for ‘LGBT meaning’ and ‘They them pronouns’, showing people are educating themselves and more aware of equal treatment for all. Tough times are making people feel, we’re all in this together.

3. Revising priorities

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Difficult times means more stress and people are searching for ways to alleviate that with products and experiences. A healthier work/life balance has never been so important. Hybrid working was a significant change that seems here to stay, as workers enjoy a bit more flexibility that they don’t want to give up. 

As everyone’s impacted by the tough economic climate, there’s been a whopping 600% increase in searches for ‘Cost of living calculator’. This confirms that consumers are planning a lot more, before making life decisions and seeking revitalising products and experiences. 

People are doing more research to find experiences better suited to them and businesses can help, by combining investments known to drive growth, with new insights and AI tools.