Changes to Google Ads Policies

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There are going to be changes to Google Ads Malicious or unwanted software policy in May 2023 and if you run Google Ads, it’s important you know what the changes are to keep up-to-date and compliant. Failure to do so means your Google Ads account could be suspended. Implementation of the changes will start on 9th May and will take around 4 weeks to complete.

The Malicious or unwanted software policy will now be split into three separate policies: 

  • Malicious Software
  • Compromised Sites 
  • Unwanted Software

“The Malicious or Unwanted Software policy will be split into three separate policies”

What you need to know

So, what exactly does this mean to you as a business? Here’s a rundown of how the changes will affect you. 

Malicious Software

The new Malicious software policy has been designed to prohibit the intentional distribution of malicious software or malware that may harm or gain access to a computer, device or network. This is relevant to any ads and software your website or app hosts, or links to. Beware, a violation of the Malicious software policy will be considered an egregious violation.

Compromised Sites

If your website’s code has been breached by a third party without your knowledge or permission, it is referred to as compromised. The third party may use access to harm the website users or sabotage your site. The Compromised Sites policy stresses that your ads are not allowed to use destinations which are compromised or hacked. If you’ve fallen victim to this, a warning will be issued giving you 7 days to fix the issues before your account will be suspended.

Unwanted Software

If an ad or destination violates Google’s new Unwanted Software policy, again you’ll be sent a warning giving you 7 days to address the issues. If you don’t comply, your account will be suspended. Visit  Unwanted Software Policy to find out more.

It’s your responsibility to check you’re up to speed with the policy changes and make sure your website and adverts are compliant. Check your ads meet the requirements and amend them before 9th of May to avoid any suspension of your account.

“Check your ads and website meet the requirements to avoid suspension of your Google account”