Boost your customer engagement with crystal-clear product images

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Are your product images high-res?

We’re always on the lookout for ways to help our clients and here’s a super-simple tip to boost your client engagement.

Did you know that merchants who consistently display high resolution images on their product listings, enjoy increased customer engagement on Google Search? These are the images Google shows your potential customers in Google Search results, so quality images are crucial. Check your product images in Google Merchant Centre are high quality and if any of your products feature low resolution images, it’s worth changing them over.

To maximise your results, ensure that each product listing includes a minimum of three, high res images, while those in apparel categories should have at least five. You have the flexibility to provide images in either portrait (4:3) or landscape (16:9) format.

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Update your images in three simple steps:

  1. Upload your crisp, high resolution images to your web server.
  2. If your high resolution images have the exact same file name and URL as the existing ones, you’re all set – Google will automatically detect and utilise the new images during the next processing of your feed.
  3. If your new images have new or different file names, you need to update the image or additional image attributes in your feed. Follow the Google help links for uploading a feed, submitting a feed through Content API, or importing content from an ecommerce platform.

For help updating your product feed get in touch with our team today.